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Posted by on Jan 7, 2015 in Automation | 0 comments

Solved – vRealize Automation / vCloud Automation Center 6.x Fabric And Business Groups Will Not Allow Active Directory Groups To Be Assigned



Ever have one of those days?  I have a customer who’s about to go into production with their vRealize Automation environment.  He called this morning with the simplest of questions – “How do I add an AD group instead of a user in my Business Group roles”?  After about a half hour of troubleshooting to no avail, I decided to escalate…to Google.  Come to find out this is a known issue with vRA/vCAC 6.x.  There are two or three posts out in the blogosphere that mention the issue, but there’s a pretty big omission  in the workaround, which is the reason for this post.  I don’t want anyone else to feel like the guy above after they waste a couple of hours like I did in figuring out how to implement this relatively simple fix.

Let me back up and show what I’m talking about:



Turns out the auto-complete for AD groups in both ‘Business Groups’ and ‘Fabric Groups’ does not work.  This is a known bug in vRA/vCAC 6.x.  The workaround simply states to “type the valid AD group name in it’s entirety and hit <ENTER>”.




Sounds simple enough, but that didn’t work either.  “Loading” would appear for a few seconds then timeout and never drop the entry to the line below to show that it was accepted.  I tried distinguished names, tried adjusting my AD search strings, created AD group names with no spaces, but never could get that slimy sucker to take.

UNTIL – I entered it into the line below the search field directly and hit ENTER.



This worked!  And after an additional bit of testing I found that it does do a validation check against AD (fictitious group caused an error).  You’ll see in the graphic above it’ll take spaces in the group name as well.

I can’t comment on the validity of this post outside of vRealize Automation v6.1.0 build 2041200, but this was a frustrating one that had a very simple resolution that left me with an “L” on my forehead.





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