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Posted by on Dec 22, 2014 in Storage | 0 comments

Hard Drive Health Status of Permanent Disk Failure in VSAN


With all that spinning metal, it is only a matter of time when you experience a hard drive failure.  Fortunately for you, you’re using VSAN and hard drive failures are easy peasy.  Here we go!

Browse to the vCenter Web Client, Select your cluster > Manage > Disk Management


Next, you’re going to want to remove that puked drive from the disk group.  It should be easy to spot the failed drive…

*spoiler alert*

Look for the icon with the red !

Select the disk group of the failed drive and Select the Remove Disk.



Adding a drive is just as easy as removing the drive depending on the scenario you got yourself in when your configured the I/O controller.  The two paths are:

1.  If the I/O controller is in pass-through mode then its just plug and rug.
2. If the I/O controller doesn’t support pass-through mode then you will need to re-create each drive replaced as its own RAID 0 group.

Since I’m lazy I selected an I/O card that did pass-through mode.  I’ve replaced the drive and will now need to add it back to the disk group.

Select the original disk group from your cluster > Manage > Disk Management and select the Add Drive icon and new drive.



BAM! Within a few minutes, I’m fully recovered and healthy again.  Come on VSAN – I beg you, make things just a little tougher next time!  This is just too easy.

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