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Posted by on May 30, 2015 in Networking | 0 comments

Cisco SG500X Switch is Amazing

One of the struggles I’ve experienced in having a home lab is finding 10 Gbps capable switches that meet the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor).  The challenge is finding a switch that will not break the bank while not sounding like an aircraft taking off in my house.  My primary purpose for using a 10 Gb switch was for VSAN.  Coming off a 1 Gb network, it was clear that I could saturate a link…which is rather geeky cool.

I started off with the Dell 6248 which had 2 x 2 port 10 Gb expansion cards and it really only met half the WAF score.  It was a bit of an odd switch but it worked and served its purpose.  The issue I had with this switch is it was loud, in fact, louder than my 4 node Dell C6100 servers.

I went on a quest looking for a layer 3 switch that had at least 4 x 10 Gbps ports that sounded more like an angel and less like Gilbert Gottfried.  I spent more time than I’d like to admit looking for the king of home lab switches but the outcome was well worth it.


The winner is the Cisco SG500X switch!  (The full name being SG500X-24-K9-NA).  The Cisco SG500X is the maverick of home lab switches!  It was hard to find something switch couldn’t do.

Price – $650-$700 used eBay SG500X-24-K9 / $1050 new NewEgg

Noise – Quitter than my servers!

Features – A lot! Check out Cisco SG500X-24 24-Port GB with 4-Port 10-GB Stackable Managed Switch

WAF Score – A+

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